The Bullied: Are Tougher Kids the Answer?

Today I was viewing Good Morning America.  There was a parent who stated that “we should teach our children to be tougher when approached by a bully”.  I find this to be surprising because you would have know what being bullied feels like and experience the emotional stress one endureAre Tougher Kids the Answer?s; the pain and sadness that comes with being talked about in front of others while they are laughing at you!!!  Being tough does not enter your mind! Instead, you just want to become invisible or hide.  It is so easy to say what you should do when it’s not happening to you.  We must teach our children that no matter what is said, THEY do not know you!!  The bully may also hurt  inside.  If they have time to talk about you and TRY to put you down then “You must be the finest person around” So you say, “Let me give you something to talk about.  Watch ME walk AWAY”!!  Love you FIRST and they will follow YOUR Lead.

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