I was wandering,  how do you see it when he/ she said that they love you WHAT does it truly mean? At first they shower you with gifts and words of comfort,  and as time goes on things start to change,  What are we seeing around us are you seeing that it is ok to be physically/mentally abused. When someone tells you that they love you,  you grab hold to their every word as truth,  because you haven't been told this by anyone. So when they say you are special,  you are the air they can't live or be without,  you hold on and look over the  mean words, the pain the sadness,  that you hope will change. Life is hard this is true BUT, no one has the right to hurt you mentally and or physically,  LOVE YOU FIRST! Know the difference!. LOVE ME (DOESN'T MEAN TO (HURT ME).

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