Helping Youth To Find Their Voice
A & S Youth Productions


She has been a great impact to my organization and the community.

“…Her continuous support goes unnoticed that’s why Mrs. Byndon will be honored as the 2018 best supporter of the year at my upcoming Gala. I particularly appreciate Ms. Byndon’s willingness
to take initiative to help the community we serve…”

Antroinette Worsham


She is such an inspiration!

“…I personally have learned from her, and have seen her impact on the community and
those around her. She is gifted and talented in so many ways. It is her passion and
motivation to give back to the community and support of the youth that has drawn so
many people to her…”

Cynthia McCalister

President & CEO

Relevant, honest and frank conversations…

Relevant, honest and frank conversations come to mind when I think about Senovia Byndon talk show “I Hear You”.

Glenda A. Smith, Esquire

Senovia Byndon is an exceptional host…

Senovia Byndon is an exceptional host and emcee for events. Her radio show informs you of the now and is a must listen on WAIF.

Rosemary Oglesby-Henry


She makes everyone feel like Family…

She is devoted and she is truly here to help. She makes everyone feel like Family along with the fact that she is working to change the way people see and hear things that are going on in their communities.

I truly liked that she is very attuned in the direction of the communities.

Lisa Johnson

Senovia has made a mark in the community…

Senovia has made a mark in the community by her undying support for small minority-owned businesses. Her diligence to serve through her support is unmatched. She hears you and makes sure that others see you.” —

Myra Walker

Valor and Virtue Productions, producer of Fashion At The Fountain

Senovia is Great!!!

Senovia is great!! She’s very active in the community! My whole family was heard on IHU-I Hear You! Tune in every Wednesday from 5-6pm.

LaffLyfe Entertainment LLC

Get Connected…

Senovia is a true down to earth African American Queen that holds her platform well. She fulfills  the gap in black talk radio. She caters to small business owners and connects with the community by way of volunteerism.

If you are not connected to Senovia, you should get connected.

Antoinette Worsham

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